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Massage Therapist in Boulder, CO Welcome! I'm Keira McMahon, a nationally certified massage therapist located in Boulder, Colorado. Massage Therapy can be an effective tool in improving and maintaining your health. As a massage therapist, I facilitate your healthful journey through actual hands on work as well as through education. I hope you find my site to be a continued resource for massage therapy and bodywork. I'm honored to have the possibility to work with you.

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1800 30th Street Suite 220D
Boulder, CO
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Keira Mcmahon, Nctmb
read moreOur health is not a luxury. In this age when healthcare is getting increasingly complicated, it is imperative that we take better care of ourselves. Our whole body (body, mind, spirit) is a fine tuned machine. While there are many factors that go into our health, including diet, sleep and exercise, Massage Therapy also plays a critical role. In a 2010 study, scientists at Cedars-Sinai found 2/3 of subjects receiving Swedish massage had an immune boosting response. Massage isn't just about feeling good; it is about staying healthy so we can perform our best.
McMahon Massage Boulder
read moreAs a professional massage therapist, I have experience working in many different modalities of massage. In my practice I focus on Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage. While I do practice these modalities in their pure form, I enjoy blending several of these styles to meet your specific needs. It enhances the functions of muscles, joints and biomechanics of the body. This is effective for working with specific ailments and injuries such as headaches, low back pain or whiplash.
McMahon Massage Boulder
read moreYou don't have to be a professional athlete or even a weekend warrior to receive the benefits of a sports massage. Sports Massage is activity specific; it is particularly effective for muscles used repeatedly. The goal is to keep you in peak condition without going over the edge into an over-use injury. Whether you're training for your PR at the next race, creating the dream garden in your backyard or enjoying the many trails available to us in Boulder, Colorado, Sports Massage will help you recover from your hard work so that you're at your peak performance!
McMahon Massage
read moreAn overused term in the industry, a deep tissue massage simply implies depth of pressure. My Deep Tissue work is based on Swedish Therapeutic Massage. It is effective for promoting deep relaxation, increased circulation and decreased muscle tension. It also reminds the body of its own healing capabilities. My Deep Tissue Massage sessions may also incorporate aspects of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and Sports Massage as I determine necessary to support you on your healing path. While the name Deep Tissue Massage may imply a significant amount of pressure, it is ultimately your decision as to what feels appropriate and comfortable.
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