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Funeral Services in Nashua, NH The Davis Funeral Home was set up in 1842 by Moses Davis, a local grave stone maker. It is the oldest continuing funeral home in Nashua and the oldest created business with its roots in, and still maintaining its office within the geographic boundaries of Nashua. It is the oldest funeral in Hillsborough County, the 2nd oldest in the state of New Hampshire and amongst the oldest in the nation. Four generations of the Davis family continued the operation of the business until 1972 when Albert A. Davis sold the business and the name to his associate, Robert S. Ainscow.

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Davis Funeral Home
read moreOur goal at Davis Funeral Home is to provide the most compassionate service of all funeral homes in Nashua New Hampshire while maintaining the highest level of care to the families of this community. We aim to create meaningful and personalized experiences as distinct as each of the families we serve. Our funeral home provides area families with a wide range of funeral service options such as Nashua burial services, traditional funerals, direct cremation, memorial services and much more. My family have used Davis funeral home for my mother my neice my nephew my cousin and some of my friends families have also used them I would recommend them to everyone very caring group of people and very professional I had the privilege to move a lady that is to work for them and had a hand in doing my mom's she moved to Charleston SC area Great at what they do.
Tips for Preparing for a Funeral
read moreCould there be anything more difficult than preparing for a funeral? Certainly, such an end-of-life event is hard to look forward to with any great enthusiasm. And it doesn't matter if you're a member of the bereaved inner circle of close family, a co-worker, neighbor or family friend; preparing for a funeral service takes time and forethought. If you're preparing to attend a funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life, the following tips and suggestions can certainly help in your funeral preparations.
Traditional Funeral Service in
read moreNo matter where it's held, a funeral is a structured ceremony, with a beginning, middle and end. Each is intended to engage the living participants in activities which will transform their status within the community, provide mourners with a collective grieving experience, and celebrate a life lived. It's a socially-acceptable way for members of a community to re-affirm and express their social attachments. If the family plans to bury the deceased, this stage involves the vehicle procession to the cemetery.
Cremation Information
read morePart of making funeral arrangements on behalf of a loved one involves choosing between burial of the body, or cremation. Certainly this is a big decision, based on any number of factors: religious or spiritual beliefs, finances, or ecological awareness are just some of the reasons we've heard for choosing cremation. Before you can make the choice, you need to know exactly what it is you're considering. You can learn the basics below, however, if the content here raises additional questions for you, please give us a call and anyone of our cremation specialists can address any of your inquiries or concerns.
Our Burial Services
read moreOur burial service packages differ based on the type of ceremony you would like to have along with the actual burial. We are fairly flexible in terms of the type of funeral ceremony you can have with the burial. Below we highlight our most popular burial packages. This burial package is the simplest type of burial service we offer. This package includes transportation of the body, casketing of the body, burial, and the completion of the appropriate paperwork. This package does not include any type of funeral service or ceremony.
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