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Auto Repair in Denver, CO Visit the Service Specials section of our website to read about current special offers for auto maintenance and repair. In addition to periodic special offers, we currently have client appreciation programs featuring Downing Dollars and our oil change reward program. Ask us about these programs when you schedule your appointment. Auto maintenance is important to reliable performance and to extend the life of your truck, car or SUV. Don't forget that Denver weather can add extra wear and tear so schedule your preventative maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer to add years to your vehicles life.

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read moreAt our auto repair shop in Denver, we focus on listening to your concerns and ask questions like, "what did you see, hear and smell?" in order to help diagnose your vehicle's issues. We'll ask if you've noticed any changes in acceleration, engine performance, gas mileage, fluid levels, handling or braking - questions geared to get to the heart of your vehicle's issue quickly. Our shop is clean, so you'll feel at home every time you visit, and our friendly team is here for you, from our shuttle driver and front office staff to our ASE Master Certified Technicians.
Transmission Repair
read moreThe transmission of a vehicle is where the transference of force occurs shifting energy in the gears using transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is essential to keep a vehicle running well and smoothly. Without it, the gears would not be able to shift which means that your car isn't going anywhere and serious damage has probably been incurred upon the transmission itself. Keeping up with a proper maintenance routine is the best way to avoid major repair issues. Issues such as slipping or hard shifts can at times be caused be fluid deterioration and can sometimes be repaired with a transmission flush.
Brake Repair Services
read moreMost drivers only think about their car's brakes when something goes wrong. The truth is, that "something" could be the result of wear or failure in any one of several critical components in the system. All of them must work together (pedal, hydraulic fluid and lines, brake pads and drums) to apply the friction needed to stop your car at a moment's notice. Anti-lock brakes electronically monitor and control each wheel, to prevent dangerous locking in adverse conditions. Downing Street Garage expert technicians understand your brakes, so you don't have to.
Repair Services
read moreOur ASE Certified master technicians are experts in correctly diagnosing and repairing any and all issues you have with your vehicle. At Downing Street Garage we use top of the line advanced diagnostic tools, databases and experience to make sure your vehicle is running flawlessly.
read moreAt Downing Street Garage we have dealership-level diagnostic equipment and provide better-than-dealership service. This method involves a partnership between advanced diagnostic scanners and skilled technicians. It begins with a dashboard warning light or other obvious vehicle malfunction. The diagnostic tools deliver a specialized code to the technician who then narrows the search from there to pinpoint the precise cause of trouble. From brake squeaks to loose suspension to other engine problems that cause a distinctive noise these issues require experienced Downing Street Garage experts to follow the sounds to find the problem.
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