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Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Miami Beach, FL Signature Energy Work is a simple system for translating what the body-mind is telling us about the state of our individual energy field - what I call our signature energy - and how it can be changed to more accurately reflect our conscious choices, rather than our subconscious habits. My commitment, as a human being, is to grow. As a healer, my goal is to help my patients in their growth. Signature Energy Work is the system that I use to accomplish both, and I invite you to explore it.

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read moreI access your signature energy field through a combination of muscle testing and intuition. If your session is conducted remotely, I use myself as a surrogate for your muscle testing, which I have found to be just as accurate and informative as in-person testing. I center my reading around your question, whether it be specific or general, regarding a health issue, a professional or relationship issue, or a psychospiritual inquiry. Healing involves change. We will consciously explore and understand the energy patterns in your field that are negatively affecting you, and then change them.
read moreI want to help you see the underlying structure of what you do, and enhance your wholistic understanding of the unique meaning of your work. Signature Energy Work is the work of evaluating our signature energy - its contents, and their influence on us -- and then reordering and revising those contents into a form that more accurately reflects conscious choice, rather than unconscious habit. As we do this, our physical form, our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, become aligned with an increasingly higher level of consciousness.
read moreSignature Energy Work: Accessing, Evaluating, and Transforming the Personal Energy Field is now available at Amazon.com. The purpose of this book is two-fold. The first is to present you with information that will direct you toward a new paradigm in healing work, be it professional work as a medical/health-care provider, or your own personal healing work as an individual. The second is to provide you with a simple pathway to follow in your exploration of this new paradigm. The old paradigm, which is represented by our mainstream Western medical system, views the human body as a closed mechanical system.
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