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Churches in Odessa, TX Our job is it make it easy for you to come to church. We want you to be capable to experience the encouraging messages, great music, fun children' activities and the casual, friendly atmosphere here at New Life. We understand that when you visit a church you have some questions about how do I get there. What should I wear. What's available for my children. What should I expect in church. We understand visiting a new church can be hard to do, but we look ahead to meeting you this weekend!

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7184 Clb Drive
Odessa, TX
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New Life Church
read moreTo be greeted at the front door. Children's classes run parallel with preaching time. We want children to get as much out of church as you do! That's why we offer children's Sunday school classes at the same time as the preaching time. It makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the teaching time. We want our worship to be a time of praising God. We work hard to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable to express their heart with freedom. We often clap, raise our hands and, in general, respond in gratitude to God's mercy, grace and goodness.
New Life Church
read moreThe Bible is the inspired word of God. The one true and living God exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. God is sovereign over everyone and everything. Jesus, fully God and fully man, died on the cross for our sins and rose again and will return to claim His own. The Holy Spirit lives in us and empowers us for daily living. Salvation is a free gift of God. We claim it when we believe Jesus and are baptized in His name. Weekly communion is a reminder of Christ's death, burial and resurrection and is available each Sunday.
New Life Church
read moreWorship is an attitude of spirit. Worship should be a response to truth. Worship is an expression of praise from the depths of our hearts toward a God who is understood through His Word. To truly worship God, we must understand who He is and what He has done, and the only place He has fully revealed Himself is in the Bible. Those are the things that are decided by the church. The most important thing is that we worship God in spirit (in our hearts) and in truth (in our minds). At New Life, you will find a blend of many types of worship.
New Life Church
read moreIn the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus provided the pattern for Christian ministry-He came, not to receive service, but to give it.".just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many." Since Jesus was our example to serve others, we take the business of service seriously. We pray that you will find in every area, not just the ones mentioned here, a heart of service to others.
New Life Church
read moreNew Life Youth is all about life beneath the surface. Come join other junior high and high school students worship, learn, and laugh as we grow in friendship and love for Christ.
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