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College in Provo, UT
College in Provo, UT Mar. 1, 2010 - Like silkworm moths, butterflies and spiders, caddisfly larvae spin silk, but they do so underwater instead on dry land. Now, University of Utah researchers have discovered why the fly's silk is sticky when wet and how that may make it valuable as an adhesive tape during surgery. Silk from caddisfly larvae - known to western fly fishermen as 'rock rollers' may be useful some day as a medical bioadhesive for sticking to wet tissues, says Russell Stewart, an associate professor of bioengineering and principal author of a new study of the fly silk's chemical and structural properties.

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1675 North Freedom Boulevard # 15
Provo, UT
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Provo Dialysis
read moreWe are a community of explorers, innovators and leaders dedicated to improving the world every day. Let's make a difference-together! A task force made up of Facilities Management staff members has ensured that the air in university buildings during the pandemic is as safe as possible. Knowing how many infections there are and how fast that infection is spreading to others helps inform strategies to contain the virus and helps us plan to take care of the people that become sick from the virus.
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