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Sports Training in Westminster, CA Hall of Fame and Olympic coach Don Peters is the Executive Director of SCATS Gymnastics. Among his distinguished accomplishments, Don led the U. S. Olympic Team to Gold in 1984. Don Peters has produced 13 Olympians, 59 National Team members, and 23 World Championship Team members. SCATS Gymnastics boasts a state-of-the-art 28, 000 sq. Ft. Facility incorporating the most modern in safety equipment.

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6800 Westminster Boulevard
Westminster, CA
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read moreLocated in the heart of Southern California, SCATS Gymnastics of Huntington Beach has proudly produced 14 Olympians, 70+ National Team Members, and 22 World Championship Team Members across more than 55 years(!) of serving the community. Our non-profit organization prides itself on teaching gymnastics to all levels of children, beginners and world class athletes alike. SCATS has a distinguished history. Since 1963, SCATS Gymnastics has been producing gymnasts of world-class caliber. Champion, Sam Mikulak.
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Girls Tumbling
read moreOur tumbling program focuses on beginner to advanced gymnastics tumbling progressions, from a round-off to walkover to back handsprings and tucks- everything you need to stand out amongst the pack in cheerleading! Beginning and advanced students alike are individually challenged while learning how to perform skills safely before progressing toward higher level tumbling.
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