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Pest Control Services in Quincy, MA Security Pest Elimination has been delivering best quality pest control services in Eastern MA for fifteen years. We supply the following pest control services: mice control, termite control, termite inspections, carpenter ant treatments, bat control and bat removal, bat droppings-removal, attic clean-ups, bed bug treatment, squirrel removal, animal control, rodent control, wasp nest removal, hornets, mouse control, spiders and many other less common problems.

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Bee and Hornet Removal
read moreThe carpenter bee hovers around the upper rooflines of your house and flies in a quick erratic manner. The bumble bee flies around near the ground in a graceful manner. The carpenter bee drills 1/2 inch entrance holes in the upper trims of your house with y branching tunnels extending 8 inches each. They live inside these tunnels and lay new eggs inside. If left alone, woodpeckers will eventually find them and severely damage your fascia or trim boards in the process. Sometimes you can hear them drilling and see the sawdust falling down.
Ant Control
read moreFor carpenter ant control we use a safe, low toxicity odorless treatment to prevent or eliminate carpenter ant infestations. Our carpenter ant treatment not only eliminates the carpenter ants you are seeing, it also eliminates the hidden carpenter ant nests in your walls. This is where the real damage is occuring. Note: To best prevent a carpenter ant re-infestation, a carpenter ant treatment should be done on an annual basis before May 20th. After the middle of May, homes that are located within the 300ft.
Mass Termite Control Specialists
read moreSecurity Pest Elimination is one of the most respected termite control & termite inspection companies in Massachusetts. We provide termite pest inspection reports and free termite control quotes for Massachusetts and Southern NH customers. Our termite treatments provide fast complete termite extermination from your home and carry one of the longest termite warranties in the business. The best termite treatments today for complete termite extermination use an odorless, non-repellant, low toxicity liquid that termites can't detect (unlike the older type liquids that were repellant and termites could circumvent).
Security Bed Bug Control
read moreTo completely eliminate a bed bug infestation from your Massachusetts dwelling it is necessary to treat more than just the room where people are getting bitten by bed bugs at night. Most of the bedbugs will be in the room close to the person getting bitten, but they can travel quite quickly across floors, walls and ceilings. They get spread around the home when we move items such as; clothing or any other item that might have been kept in an area with a bed bug infestation. Thus, bed bugs are also commonly found in the laundry room and the living room.
Security Animal Control
read moreRaccoon Control - Our Problem Animal Control Techs specialize in removing problem squirrels and raccoons from your residence. We regularly perform raccoon and squirrel removal to difficult to access areas such as: inaccessible attics, eaves, cathedral ceilings and crawlspaces. I had a very positive experience with Security Pest. I purchased a new building and there was a Yellow jacket wasp nest in the eves under the roof. They were finding their way into the apartments and delaying the renovation process.
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