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Pest Control Services in Quincy, MA When you have rodents, bedbugs, or roaches, the last thing you want is to wait around for a removal service. We provide a huge range of removal options, and our work is available around the clock. Whether you need emergency service in the heart of the night, or just want to get a quick appointment on your lunch break, we can assist. We provide free consultations and can advise you as to the highest service options for your personal problem.

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Ultra Safe Pest Management
read moreCommercial properties benefit from our proven, commercial pest management protocol. Our Local Pest Experts perform aggressive treatment of existing pest activity while providing long-term, preventative pest control and monitoring. Ultra Safe Pest Management is a locally owned and operated pest company based in the Greater Boston area. Owners are directly involved in the day to day operations and the development of new pest control methods, materials and technology. We pride ourselves on integrity, professionalism and a strong commitment to the environment, our customers, our incredible staff and the pest industry we proudly represent.
About Us
read moreThe company specializes in 'advanced' Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Ultra Safe is medium-sized company capable of handling the most challenging types of pest and wildlife activity. By implementing a custom plan of action, that utilizes the latest equipment and technology, our specialists are able to provide safer, more effective, solutions. Founded over twenty years ago with a passion for animal and insect science. The pest industry offers a dynamic, innovative platform to work with many different species of animals and insects while helping people live in healthier environments.
Commercial Sanitizing & Remediation
read moreOur UltraGuard Commercial & Residential Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services incorporate specialized treatment processes using EPA Registered Products to disinfect a variety of surfaces. Ultra Safe Specialists use a powerful disinfectant that is highly effective against disease-causing virus and organisms. State licensed Applicators are qualified to apply EPA Registered Virucides for commercial businesses, office buildings, schools, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, apartment buildings, condo common areas, sports arenas, theaters, transportation terminals, vehicles, buses, entertainment establishments and other commercial sites in need of aggressive sanitizing and disinfecting.
Bed Bug Inspection
read moreUltra Safe Pest provides accurate bed bug inspection and treatment services to homeowners, property managers and buildings of all types. Successful bed bug control must start with a detailed bed bug inspection. A thorough bed bug inspection is the most important first step in the bed bug process because, proper inspections confirm or deny bed bug activity, while assessing the contents and layout of areas confirmed active with bed bugs. A professional bed bug inspector will be sure to check under and behind all furniture, bedding, shelves, drawers and other items present, because bed bugs are great at hiding.
Top-Rated Pest Removal
read moreUltra Safe Pest specializes in all types of pest removal, control, and exterminator services. Our licensed professionals can accurately identify and remove any pest infestation. Our pest experts are great at removing active pest infestations and providing a custom long-term solution. Ants are one of the most commonly encountered of all pest species. Most ants in New England are harmless and cause little to no damage to property or risk to people. However, some ants like Carpenter Ants and lawn nesting ant species can cause significant damage to structures and landscaping in a short period of time.
Bed Bug Treatment
read moreWhen it comes to bed bug treatment, there are many options available. Ultra Safe Pest has been specializing in bed bug treatment for almost twenty years. Our bed bug experts provide valuable insight into the best bed bug treatment methods for each individual location. Our bed bug services take a comprehensive approach that will incorporate advanced methods, equipment and materials in order to achieve the best results. We have a treatment solution for any type of bed bug activity. It is our finding the the best type of bed bug treatment is one that utilizes an Integrated Approach (IPM).
Bed Bug Preparation Instructions
read moreWith decades of experience in Bed Bug Preparation and thousands of bed bug services performed, Ultra Safe's bed bug experts know what it takes to properly prepare a property for a successful bed bug treatment. It is important to remember that each treatment site is unique and prep adjustments should be made accordingly. Our bed bug preparation experts can help prepare rooms in a fast, efficient, and organized manner so that the treatment will be as successful as possible. Bed bugs typically stay very close to where people sleep and rest.
Wild Animal Removal In Massachusetts
read moreWild Animal Removal is an essential service in Massachusetts. Problem animals and rodents cause significant damage to structures and property. Wild Animals also pose a serious health risks to people and domestic animals because they are known to carry Zoonotic Diseases. Our certified Wildlife Control Agents, specialize in advanced Wild Animal Removal techniques. The safest and most humane wild animal removal methods are used to remove animals and prevent damage to property. Only licensed and qualified professionals should attempt to remove, handle, or trap problem animals.
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