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Auto Repair in Buffalo, NY
Auto Repair in Buffalo, NY Sweeney's Garage was established in 1948 by John H. Sweeney. Sweeney was one of 13 kids born to a tobacco farmer named Greenberry Sweeney in Upper Marlbaro Maryland in 1904. To hear Sweeney tell the story, his was not a bucolic childhood of living one with the land. He would often speak fondly of the inherently hard times one would expect in a pre-modernized agricultural setting, but not so fondly of his father, especially when the tobacco crop came in and there was money available for liquor.

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424 Niagara Fls Boulevard
Buffalo, NY
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read moreThe repair shop opened for business in 1948 and remains in business today. The grocery store has undergone several changes of use over the years. The store went from the Sweeney's to a tenant who ran the store for a few years. It was then converted to a drop store for Cadet Cleaners, a local laundry company from the 1960's through the early 1990's. Finally it was used as a jewelry store until 1998. Sweeney continued to operate the auto repair business well into his '80's. He became a local icon, regaling customers with stories of his time serving as a SeaBee in the Pacific during WWII all while chewing on his signature cigar.
Sweeney's Garage
read moreWarranty companies we work with change hands on a regular basis, so please contact us with your extended warranty policy in hand and we can determine your current vendor and coverage's that you have available. Sweeney's Garage participates in the Thank A Vet Program with pride. Sweeney's owner, Phil Basinski, has past, current, and retired military in his immediate family so he knows the sacrifice and dedication it takes to perform the duties required so he does what he can to help out where he can.
Sweeney's Garage
read more3. We will check our schedule and contact you with a firm date and time from the choices you have selected.
Sweeney's Garage
read moreThe slides on this page are representations of the major components and systems that are integral to the operation and safety of your vehicle. These systems are much more complicated in today's vehicles than even from a few years ago. Your vehicle computer controls and monitors just about every component involved with the operation of your car or truck. Please feel free to ask us any questions about work being performed on your vehicle while it's at Sweeney's, we are here to help!
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