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As we move through our daily lives we accumulate myriad of stresses in our bodies that we currently have taught our selves to ignore. Massage forges an immediate connection and awareness between the mind and body. Bodywork is not just about massage, but educating each other about our bodies. We're a tiny local business that supports it's surrounding community. We are committed in a genuine smile and a warm heart. To us you are a person and and not just a customer, and we will do our finest to individualize each experience.

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2901 Wyandot Street Unit 20
Denver, CO
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About Us
read moreOnce upon a time in Denver, two friends who were also fellow massage therapists came together with a vision. They wanted to offer massage that was more than just a luxury or escape, they wanted to highlight how helpful massage can be in supporting a persons health. To help people re-discover how amazing their own bodies could be with a little nurturing and relief from pain. To recognize how much ability each person has to affect positive change in themselves. To help be a catalyst for an internal message "When I feel great I can do more and when I do more, I see how much I am capable of".
Couples Services
read moreRelax with the one who knows you best! Whether that is your partner, your best friend, or a close family member, the 360 Couples Massage allows you to enjoy the blissful experience together. You will be in the same room, each with your own therapist catering to your individual needs. The Couples Massage is offered with our Symmetry 360 Massage, Balance Massage, and some of our Specialty Massages as well! You do not have to receive identical services. Harmony is when different notes are played together to create a pleasing and more complex sound than when alone.
Customized Professional Services
read moreWe pride ourselves on a well-versed staff able to customize each massage to the needs and preferences of You. The wide range of training and styles our therapists wield would create an intimidating choice of services to wade through if we listed them all (We know, we've tried). If you are looking for a particular style, just ask! We recommend the Symmetry 360 Massage. This is the massage Custom Built each time for you by your therapist using all their extensive knowledge and experience blended together.
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