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Driveway & Paving Company in Tacoma, WA Tacoma Paving is a paving company servicing Tacoma, Washington and the surrounding areas. We pave parking lots, driveways, and other surfaces. We also offer concrete paving services.
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820 N Pine St
Tacoma, WA
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Asphalt Installation
read moreFor asphalt installation, it's important to properly research and plan before beginning the process. Carefully surveying the location is an important step. Taking the appropriate precautions ensures a sound foundation and this helps to guarantee that your new installation will last a very long time.
Asphalt Overlay
read moreBefore this new layer is applied, the existing asphalt has be eroded down until it is even and suitable for the overlay. During this time any problem areas in the old pavement, like potholes, are patched or removed. After the old asphalt is shaved down and cleaned, an adhesive is applied as preparation for a new layer of asphalt.

Asphalt Overlay is a great option for repairing existing pavement that is slightly damaged. It's a very affordable option compared to a completely new installation and it takes less time as well!
read moreDrainage is an important factor in any new paving project. When properly accounted for, a successfully applied paving can reduce the amount of necessary maintenance in the future. Without proper drainage accommodations, water can accumulate all over the pavement and can cause unnecessary damage to the surface. Proper grading at the beginning of a pavement project can prevent this from happening, as well as prevent water from draining to undesirable locations--like towards buildings and garages.


Jordan Willis
read moreTacoma Paving resealed and striped our parking lot. They were able to get the job done when it was slow so we could remain open on the peak hours. We'll be using them for sure again, when its time tore seal the lot.
Patrick Hammond
read moreI know the owner of Tacoma Paving personally and Ive always been impressed with how well they treat their customers. When it comes to paving companies, its good to know I don't have to call a bunch of contractors to find someone I can TRUST.
Chris Robinson
read moreThese guys were the lowest price and reviews checked out so I went with them. I had them tear out my driveway and put in a new one. They were quick and it looks great. Time will tell but I like what they did. Very pleased!
John Gordon
read moreTacoma Paving saved my driveway. It had been years since a replacement and it looked like a third world country on my driveway. I really needed it so I received a very fair quote and excellent service. My driveway is super smooth and looks amazing. They rock!

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Tacoma Paving
read moreYour driveway or parking lot paved, a brand new asphalt surface (like a new driveway or parking lot!), or repairs or maintenance for your asphalt surface then we can help! We also offer the same paving services for commercial projects of all shapes and sizes! We provide quality work at an affordable price. We will always quote you an honest number and if you aren't completely satisfied with our work, please let us know. Our goal is to make sure that our customers are always pleased with our work!
Commercial Parking Lot Services
read moreTacoma Paving offers many wonderful services for commercial paving projects. We cater to businesses of any size, and can provide installation, repairs, seal coating, and more! We shoot for perfection in every job and we strive to make you one of our satisfied customers! Another service that we provide is line striping. This is a service that can provide your parking area with a level of safety and eases navigation for you, your customers, and your employees! We also repaint previously existing parking lot markings so that they are bright and new again.
Tar and Chip Driveways
read moreTar and Chip driveways are a cheaper alternative to the traditional asphalt driveway. A different technique is used and the result is still a durable and paved surface. For a traditional asphalt surface, contents are mixed together beforehand at a plant and then delivered to the job site. A tar and chip driveway is very affordable compared to paving. It also gives you an easy way to personalize your driveway! Since the mixture for the pavement is combined on-site, you can choose the colors of the contents based on what material is available!
Small and Large Parking Lot installation
read moreWe know that a parking lot is a big investment and we understand that it's important that repairs or new paving work is done correctly the first time! If your paving work is not done correctly, then your parking lot may not handle water drainage efficiently. Water could pool excessively on the surface or seep underneath the asphalt--which can lead to cracks in the asphalt. If you're ready to get started with a new parking lot for your business, we are there to help! We create parking lots for businesses of all sizes.
Driveway Excavation
read moreExcavation is a process that removes unstable elements from underground at the beginning of a paving project. This is a more encompassing process than grading. It's usually only used when there are known issues that arise during the normal ground stabilization process. There are different ways to decide whether your ground needs excavating. Outside of a geological analysis, you can perform what is known as a Proof Roll test. During this test, a large, hefty vehicle is driven over the area. Then the ground where the vehicle was driven is inspected for any ruts.
Asphalt Benefits
read moreUsing asphalt to pave a surface has a lot of benefits! Asphalt holds up for years against all types of weather and can be customized to fit your traffic needs. Asphalt has a smooth finish. It's not only visually appealing, but it also serves a significant safety purpose. It prevents splashing, skid resistance, and makes road markings much clearer to drivers. It also protects the driving surface during inclement weather like snow. Maintaining your asphalt surface is easy and quick. Common repairs like filling cracks can be done regularly without a hiccup and will provide an extended lifetime to your pavement.
read moreA sealcoat is a liquid layer that is applied on top of pavement. It provides protection from cracking, UV ray damage, oxidation, water damage, general traffic damage, and more. It prevents the pavement from becoming dried out (again, this can lead to cracks in the pavement) and also prevents other liquids like gasoline and other car oils from damaging the surface. Regular maintenance with a sealcoat layer can greatly impact the lifespan of your asphalt. Each application is beneficial. This preventative measure can save money in the long run by warding off preventable damage, so you save money on repairs.
read moreWith Tacoma Paving, you can get a free onsite consultation! Consultations are a very important step in getting new paving work done. You'll be able to meet with one of our experts and discuss in-person what we can do for your home or business. Our professional contractors will be able to help you with any decisions about your potential paving project or repair. Once our evaluation has been completed, our contractors will give you advice and recommendations as well as give you an estimate for the work.
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