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College in Miami Beach, FL
College in Miami Beach, FL Since 1974, Talmudic University has set the standard for the South Florida Jewish Community's education. A world-class Yeshiva attended by over 50 Kollel and Yeshiva students, it supplies classes, lectures, and study groups to 100's of community members of all ages and levels of Jewish affiliation each week. The Yeshiva is under the leadership of HaRav Yochanan Zweig, a scholar nationally renowned for his ingenious originality in Jewish thought and his lucid presentations of the most complex Talmudic treatises.

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1910 Alton Rd
Miami Beach, FL
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read moreTalmudic University is a preeminent institution of Jewish education, widely recognized for its community-building and leadership-development. By engaging Jews in the study of Torah in a way which is meaningful and life-improving, Talmudic University serves as a nexus of Jewish learning and literacy from Miami to the Palm Beaches, as well as internationally. At Talmudic University, our primary goal is to assure the continuity of transmission of Torah knowledge and values. The yeshiva's approach has always been growth through learning.
read moreOne of our top priorities at Yeshiva Bais Moshe Chaim is to build close relationships with our bochurim. We believe a bochur develops into a true talmid chachom only through maintaining close relationships with his rebbeim. Therefore, providing bochurim with warmth and personal attention is not just a perk, rather it is the very definition of what we are. All of our rebbeim and youngeleit live within walking distance of the yeshiva, and shabboses are regularly spent together. Our high rebbi-to-student ratio allows our rebbeim to be sensitive to the needs of each bochur and make themselves available to talk about learning, hashkafa, or anything else that is on a bochur's mind.
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