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Law Firm in Las Vegas, NV If you are interested in filing individual bankruptcy, either Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and you live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, you should be aware that the rules and regulations surrounding bankruptcy range from state to state. For this reason, you'll need to be very careful during both the researching and filing processes to guarantee that the information you obtain is relevant to Las Vegas and that you are proceeding correctly.

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Bankruptcy Helpers
read moreBankruptcy is a social federal program, just like unemployment insurance, or social security. There is no shame in using government programs when you need help. The government wants us to use this program as a responsible way to deal with debt. Otherwise we would be left to our own devices to find help. But that is not what the government wants. They want us to get back to work and pay taxes. They need money to spend. Use bankruptcy when you need it. Unless you abuse it, it's how you are supposed to do it.
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