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Social & Welfare Services in Santa Clara, CA Hidaya Foundation makes sure all its cash and in-kind donations are distributed in accordance with international laws. Hidaya Foundation doesn't discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious affiliation, sex, age, physical appearance, country of origin, language or educational background. Hidaya Foundation doesn't indulge in any aspect of lobbying or other political activities and doesn't have any intention of doing so in the future. There is no budget for such activities per its charter. Hidaya Foundation doesn't use its funds for purposes of religious proselytizing in any way.

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Hidaya Foundation
read moreThis year Hidaya began distributing various fruit and nut trees in Pakistan for benefit of families in need as part of our One Million Trees Project. Hidaya has recently introduced Rabbit Farming for families in need under the Animal Farming Project. Rabbits are an excellent source for meat, fur for making clothing and other materials, their waste is used as excellent fertilizer, and they are very cuddly and lovable for children to play with. Most importantly they reproduce extremely fast and can bring great profit for families, in shaa Allah.
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read moreHidaya Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and charitable organization with Federal Employee Identification Number 77-0502583. Your donations are tax deductible. Registered in 1999, Hidaya Foundation has since been serving the poor and needy in economically depressed areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, West Africa, USA and Canada. For more information, visit our Programs section or Contact Us section.
read moreHidaya Foundation was created with the focus on education, based on the belief that education is the answer to most, if not all, of our problems. Within a few early months of operation, it was realized that we must pay attention to social welfare programs as well as healthcare programs, due to the fact that a hungry child, without proper clothes, or with a disease, cannot be in a position to acquire any kind of education. Hence it became obvious that we must provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the entire well-being of a child and of a community, instead of just focus on one aspect of it.
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