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Training Courses in Westminster, CO Since 1984, KnowledgeTek. Has been the #1 technology training seminar resource for specialists in the storage networking industry. KnowledgeTek technology courses are developed with our hands-on, experienced trainers and always include the most up-to-date information, using the latest leading edge storage technology and devices. Popular 2009 seminars include: SAS; SATA; Hybrid-Disk Drive Technology; Solid-State Drives; SCSI; Noise-predictive PRML channels; ATAPI; DVD and CD technology; Fibre Channel; Advanced Perpendicular Recording.

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read moreSolid-State Drives (SSDs) and flash caches continue to change the data storage industry. Embedded flash in mobile devices has changed the way we live. Persistent memory computing presents new opportunities to continue to drive innovation using the latest non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies. Treating these storage devices as "black boxes" limits the performance and reliability that can be obtained from them. It also limits the breadth and speed of innovation they can support in new applications.
read moreHugh Curley began his training work with PC type computers and peripherals and moved through PCI, PCI-X and now PCIe. Hugh has worked with KnowledgeTek, Inc. since 1997 providing training to the Data Storage Industry in Fibre Channel, USB, SAS, SATA [including ATA Commands], SCSI [including SCSI Commands], PCI Express, SOPQI [SCSI over PCIe with PCIe queuing interface] and will shortly introduce a course on NVMe. In addition to authoring the above classes, Hugh has written the definitive book and reference manual on the SAS interface, "SAS: Beyond the Basics".
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